Loren Spiotta-Dimare's Reading Room
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          Children's book author, Loren Spiotta-DiMare is available throughout the year to share her work with young students.   School visits by the author include:

  • Introductory talk followed by a Power Point slide show of the author reading a selected story
  • Author Question and Answer session
  • Book Signing
  • All programs run approximately 45 minutes
  • A book order form is sent to parents approximately one month before the visit. Loren will bring pre-ordered books to the school.

ImageGrades:  K – 5th

Fee:  $250 per session

Up to 200 students in one session.

Up to three presentations per day.

Basic Requirements:

  • Quiet room (No fans, blowers etc.)
  • Slide projector stand or table
  • Chair and six foot table for book signing
  • Assistance carrying books into building and setting up

To request a copy of Loren's Author Visit brochure contact her at:
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